Dan didn't love Blair, he loved the character he created in his book. Blair is everything Dan hates about the Upper East Side. Dan cheated on B with S. He sent the video of Chuck and Blair to GG and let Serna and Chuck take the fall for it. He didn't want the scheming Blair, which was apart of her ever since episode 1. Blair could never say she loved Dan because she knew it wasn't true. The only time D&B could connect passionately was when they were drunk. Blair and Chuck were always endgame.

I haven’t posted on this blog in a whole year. Gossip Girl has been over for two. And yet you feel the need to go into the askbox of a dead blog and argue about why Dair couldn’t happen even though your ship was endgame?!!



As a fellow human being please i implore you to move on. Your life will be so much better after you do, believe me.

Ships step brothers >> mocks those in love with step cousin. you're a scumbag.

First of all, I haven’t used this account in almost a year. Second of all, I have no idea what you’re talking about? I ship step siblings - Derek and Casey. I don’t think I’ve mocked anyone on this blog? Apart from Chair maybe, but they aren’t step cousins. So could you please clarify?

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“No two characters on television are as much fun to listen to as Blair and Dan. If Blair and Chuck’s scenes feel like they come off the pages of really bad romance novels, Dan and Blair remind one more of Howard Hawks’ screwball comedies or Nick and Nora Charles in the Thin Man movies.” (x)

“What occurred, was a modern age example of a screwball romance that gave much more depth, meaning, and growth to a show that had been recycling the same “scandalous” storylines for years.”  (x)

“It was as if they belonged on a different show, because their storyline was vastly superior to everyone else’s dull drama. Dan and Blair together are like Harry Burns and Sally Albright reincarnated.” (x)

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  • wow guys
  • look at her face in the first cap
  • that’s how i always imagined looking at the person i’m in love with, with those dead eyes and that awkward non-smile
  • whereas i always reserve expressing the pure joy and wonder and happiness of the second cap for people who i absolutely detest
  • “one of my specialities: warped logic”
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Gossip Girl Finale thoughts


I remember when I first watched Gossip Girl, it came on tv here around November 2007, and with great anticipation I tuned in with my best friend for a show I never thought would become so important to me, and later one I would almost become embarrassed to say was my favourite.

It wasn’t always that way: it used to be about a small group of sort-of friends, from the Upper East Side, each of them struggling with growing up and of course with a far different lifestyle to the one I and most others were accustomed to: this was part of our fascination, and the appeal of Gossip Girl.

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Season 6 has been wildly destructive to Dan’s character … If this season of “Gossip Girl” was the only one I’d ever seen, I would have believed Dan capable of all the terrible things Gossip Girl did.
But I watched this show from the beginning, and I can’t reconcile the person Dan was in Season 1 with a guy who would violate the private details of his little sister’s sex life in order to “write himself in” to the Upper East Side.
Carina Adly MacKenzie, Who Gossip Girl is and why finding out ruined everything (via tv-thoughts)
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Gossip Girl surprisingly found a brightness, a small sliver of magic in its fourth season when it began to explore the Dan and Blair friendship. What occurred…was a modern age example of a screwball romance that gave much more depth, meaning, and growth to a show that had been recycling the same “scandalous” storylines for years. (x)

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